AI Agora is launched!

AI Agora is an initiative from the Department of Information Science and Media Studies, and constitutes a lecture and discussion series about artificial intelligence in theory and as applied science. AI Agora presents international guests as well as local speakers.

Researchers at the Department of Information Science and Media Studies have worked in the field of Artificial Intelligence for several decades. An agora is a Greek term for a meeting place where people discuss public matters (and also a market place).

AI Agora convenes on selected weekdays at 14.15 – 15.30 in Media City Bergen. We are located in TekLab – the University of Bergen’s research Lab in Media City Bergen. Events are announced in the UiB Calendar and on the TekLab website.


Anbefalt for deg


Prosopo er eit verktøy for bruk av datasyn i fotojournalistikk, utvikla i Bergen frå 2016. Med utgangspunkt i eit ansikt vert det laga eit “gjennomsnittsansikt” som anonymiserer personen utan at han/ho vert ugjenkjenneleg som type.

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