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Immersive media workshop i Volda's new Future Lab

17. februar 2022 kl 10:00 - 18. februar 2022 kl 16:30

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Lars Nyre tests the HoloLens 2 for the first time in Media City Bergen, October 2021.

Welcome to a two day Augmented Reality extravaganza. We will explore the possible use value of Microsoft's Hololens and other advanced interfaces for VR and AR over a two day event with students and media scholars. This is a joint initiative by Volda University College’s Future Lab and TekLab, University of Bergen. Ass. prof. Tormod Utne and prof. Lars Nyre are responsible for the event, and it is financed by TekLab with funds from HK-dir.


Thursday February 17th

SAA270 Vesle Aarflot + SAA268:
10:00 Welcome, by associate prof. Tormod Utne and professor Lars Nyre

10:15 TekLab and innovation pedagogy for media education, Lars Nyre

11:00 Break

11:15 Introduction to Hololens (AR) with Abel van Beek and HTC Vive Flow and Focus (VR) with Joakim Vindenes

12:15 Discussion & workshop task: Group assignment

12:30 Lunch, BK cafeteria

Parallel sessions: HoloLens/HTC Vive testing, expert coaching and independent group work. 

13:15 Future Lab (testing) SAA270 Vesle Aa. + SAA269 expert coaching

13:15 Group 1 Group 2 (experts: Lars Nyre, Kjetil Vaage Øie, Øyvind Steensen)

13:30 Group 2 Group 3 (experts: Lars Nyre, Kjetil Vaage Øie, Øyvind Steensen) 

13:45 Group 3 Group 4 (experts: Lars Nyre, Kjetil Vaage Øie, Øyvind Steensen)

14:00 Group 4 Group 5 (experts: Lars Nyre, Kjetil Vaage Øie, Øyvind Steensen)

14:15 Break

14:30 Group 5 Group 6 (Tormod Utne,  Øyvind Steensen)

14:45 Group 6 Group 7 (Tormod Utne, Øyvind Steensen)

15:00 Group 7 Group 8 (Tormod Utne, Øyvind Steensen)

15:15 Group 8 Group 1 (Tormod Utne, Øyvind Steensen)

15:30 - 16.00. Summary, roundup day 1 (SSA270 Vesle Aarflot)

Abel presenting the HoloLens in front of a group of first year students. At the end of the presentation, the students were provided with the opportunity to try out the HoloLens 2. A real-time render of what the bearer of the HoloLens sees is projected on the big screen. Photo: Lars Nyre.


Friday February 18th

Store Aarflot:

10:00 Hidden presentation, CEO Øyvind Steensen

10:30 Spello presentation, CEO Audun Klyve Gulbrandsen and Joakim Vindenes

11:00 Break

Parallel sessions: Lecture, HoloLens/HTC Vive testing and expert coaching

11:30-12:15: Store Aarflot: Lecture: Ana Luisa Sanchez Laws and Kamilla Bergsnev: Personalizing VR for the research and treatment of fearrelated disorders

11:15 Future Lab (testing) Store Aarflot:

11:15 Group 9 Group 10 (Kjetil Vaage Øie, Øyvind Steensen)

11:30 Group 10 Group 11 (Kjetil Vaage Øie, Øyvind Steensen)

11.45 Group 11 Group 9 (Kjetil Vaage Øie, Øyvind Steensen)

12.00 Open testing (partners etc)

12:15 Open testing (partners etc)

12:30 Lunch, BK cafeteria

13:15 Master project presentation, Isak Horgar, Vedat Sevincer, Iris Anne Osen

13:45 Student workshop presentations

14:45 Break

15:00 Student workshop presentations

16:00 - 16.30. Summary, end discussion: Tormod Utne, Ana Sanchez Laws, Anders Sundnes Løvlie, Joakim Vindenes. Kjetil Vaage Øie chairs the discussion.



Abel van Beek, University of Bergen.

Oliver Cameron, TekLab, Bergen.

Ivar John Erdal, Volda University College.

Audun Klyve Gulbrandsen, Spello, TekLab, Bergen.

Mohammad Javad Khajavi, Volda University College.

Ana Luisa Sanchez Laws, Arctic University of Tromsø.

Anders Sundnes Løvlie, IT University, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Lars Nyre, University of Bergen.

Øyvind Steensen, Hidden, Oslo.

Tormod Utne, Volda University College.

Joakim Vindenes, University of Bergen, Spello.

Kjetil Vaage Øie, Volda University College.

Student groups

Group 1:
Nadine Stellmacher
Malin von Düring
Aran Patiño Oset

Group 2:
Eirik Fausko
Friederike C. Schwenk
Rosie Helena Kyle

Group 3:
Mahathi Jayaramu
Håkon Følsvik
Myra Adenike M. Adeniyi

Group 4:
Pashalia Kountoura
Hannah Magdalena Frontzek
Håkon Melsether Kongshaug

Group 5:
Mohit Pandey
Marek Hofman
Oda Wiik

Group 6:
Alena Rodicheva
Thomas Thorsnes
Juliette Camille Loupiac

Group 7:
Louise Lund-Sørensen
Pearl Buenaventura Aquino
Juliette Schminke

Group 8:
Sönke Simon Schaack
Jasmin Schol
Niclas Friedrich M. Reichelt

Group 9:
Kristina V. L. Hellem-Hansen
Kathleen Laux
Sander Arnesen Krogsæter

Group 10:
Ali Fraz Bhatti
Casper Blindheim Kanestrøm
Jolana Svabova

Group 11:
Julika Maylin Olpp
Tobias Juul Christiansen
Andrine Sverdrup Wennemo

Group 12:
Rakin Absar Arnob



17. februar 2022 kl 10:00
18. februar 2022 kl 16:30


Future Lab


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