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StudentDemo: Lifelog retrieval systems

29. mai kl 13:00 - 14:30


The students have worked with exciting new prototypes for lifelog retrieval systems and they are ready to show the results at the MCB Media Lab, May 29th, 2024, 13:00 - 14:30!

During the event, five prototypes created by the talented students of the Media and Interaction Design second-year course, MIX204 - 2024 will be showcased. These innovate solutions addresses real-world problems within healthcare, productivity and other fields. During the semester, the students have also had the opportunity and privilege of collaborating with esteemed international experts from Ireland, Switzerland, Portugal, Austria, and Germany. The prototypes explore the possibilities of UX-design and new technologies within life logging, and you are invited to test and interact with them.


The event takes place in the MCB Media Lab in 9th floor of tower 3, on Wednesday 29th of May from 13:00-14:30

13:00-13:05:  Duc Tien Dang Nguyen presents an overview of the course

13:05-13:35: The students pitch their prototypes

13:45-14:30: Demo session: Test the prototypes


The prototypes

Tracking triumph

Monitor with Tracking triumph, a workout app that uses lifeloffing technology to give accurate and instant feedback. Tracking triumph  gives motivation to keep going with ease of use and less need for manual journaling. The app also keeps track of your mobility, making sure to prevent potential injuries before they happen.

Group members:

Ole Sander Brudvik: Content manager

Ole Gåsvær: Technical manager

Silje Eide: Designer

Margrethe Liahjell: Designer

Helene Herstad Bjørgen: Designer

poster teklab


CARE-IN unites healthcare professionals and families through seamless collaboration. Using advanced lifelogging technology, caregivers can stay connected and informed with real-time updates on the well-being of those they care for, all in one app. Join us in redefining dementia care.

Group members:

Pernille Sofie Haas Brubakk: Creative director

Jenny Dal Østensen: Designer

Remi Andre Nygård: Usability Manager

Emilia Wesser Eide: Project manager

Care in


CorWell is for you who have been encouraged to follow your heart - and for the doctor who encouraged you to do so. Or just for those who want to monitor their own heart health. The app uses life logging technology and artificial intelligence to efficiently and easily collect and understand your biometric data. It is for you who want an extra pair of eyes on your heart health, without having to do much yourself.

Group members:

Ingvill Demmo Normann: Graphic design

Stine Nikolaisen Knutsen: Design

Michela Wilhelmsen: Project leader

Isak Mølsknes Dammen: Interaction design

Eirik Pagani Vavik: Content producer



Ease is a web application made to be used as a supplementary tool in exposure therapy treatment. When faced with uncomfortable situations, it might be hard to recall, and relay what you felt and thought in that moment. At the same time, therapists might find it hard to understand their patient’s thoughts and feelings. Through the adaptation of existing lifelogging technology, Ease aims to solve these problems.

Group members:

Kine Andrea Digerud: Project leader

Emma Sannes Voldsæter: Design Leader

Johanne Myrvang Gulbraar: Visual Designer

Arne Bjelde Hustveit: Designer



Pseudomize aims to enhance data anonymization in lifelogging through the use of AI. The approach swaps real faces, backgrounds and settings with deepfaked versions. These preserve the meaning of the data, but removes the potential of infringing on people’s right to privacy. Designed for scientific research, this solution allows researchers to study lifelogging data without compromising privacy.

Group members: 

Vilde Karin Hauge Kåsene: Project leader

Tuva Sofie Systad Vold: Designer

Egle Sendzikaite: Designer

Hallvard Lygre Hetlelid: Content producer

Benjamin Voll Laate: Content producer



29. mai
13:00 - 14:30


University of Bergen


Media City Bergen
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