Campfire was developed in collaboration with Vimond and as part of the course «Bachelor's Thesis in Media and Interaction Design» in the spring of 2021, by Andrea Angeltveit, Joachim Woll Eide, Marianne Lyssand and Paula Jee Ullaland.

In recent years video streaming services have been increasing in numbers and popularity. An unfortunate consequence of this has been that watching movies or series has become less of a social activity than it traditionally used to be. It can also feel quite daunting for people to decide which services to subscribe to and then finding content to watch. Campfire wants to tackle these challenges.

Social streaming

Created by the students Andrea Angeltveit, Joachim Woll Eide, Marianne Lyssand and Paula Jee Ullaland, Campfire is a video streaming super aggregator with a clear focus on social interaction, intended for a young audience aged 18-24. As a super aggregator it gathers the major streaming service providers in one place, and as a social platform it lets you co-watch and interact with friends in several ways. You can see what your friends are watching, their recommendations, and even watch together by joining or inviting each other.

When watching together the users can interact through text, audio, or video chat. Campfire aims to create a social experience for the users, help them to find content to watch, and let them easily navigate around the different streaming service providers in one place.

On this project the students worked together with Vimond, a media company based in Bergen. They develop platform software for streaming and content management to broadcasters and online TV brands around the world. Their challenge started out with finding ways to create a “lean back” viewing experience when streaming content. The consumers should be able to find content easier, lean back and just watch. Options among and within streaming services are rapidly growing, and people are getting accustomed to watch what they want, whenever they want. As positive as this might sound, it can also cause what is referred to as choice overload. People presented with too many options can be overwhelmed and struggle with making a decision at all. Check out the report linked below to read more about the creators' user tests, design sketches, different prototypes and more.

You can read the project report here.

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Do you want to have a look at Campfire yourself? Click the link below.

Prototype demo

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