Less Stress

By Fay Tveranger, Vegard Sviland & Willem Westli

What is Less Stress?

More and more people are aided by sensor- and tracking technology to monitor themselves, also known as life logging, for different reasons; be it fitness purpose, focus assistance, nutrition, or better sleep. The trackers are becoming smarter, more automated, and more ambient. They are able to interpret automatically retrieved biometrical data and present the user with visualizations of their wellness-state (resting heart rate, sleep patterns, stress management, and so on).

Our project focuses on stress relief and management by recognizing stressful situations. We want to take it a step furter, though. In addition to presenting the user with a visualization of stressing factors they encounter every day; we also want to give them a set of choices to help them avoid stressful situations. This will be made possible by pattern recognition and sensor data that is used together to both recognize what stresses the user and then use the data to learn how to handle it.

Visualizing the data

To visualize our data, we use Grafana. Grafana is a monitoring serice, so we didn't have to make a user interface from scratch. This service offers a lot of visualization options and is already compatible with the technology and data we need and use.

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