PeTeR – the personal trainer robot

PeTeR – Personal Trainer Robot. Illustration: Julie Sætersdal, Anita Norheim and Emma Opheim Drageset

PeTeR is a personal trainer robot with the aim of preventing injury and increase motivation among young users. To reach this goal, he will provide the user with personalized workout routines, guide the user through exercises and motivate by interacting with them. He will be placed at public gyms where anyone can use him as a workout companion.

PeTeR was developed as part of the course «Media Technology: Theory and Development» in the autumn of 2020, by Julie Sætersdal, Anita Norheim and Emma Opheim Drageset. Below you can find three essays associated with the prototype, in addition to a video demo.

Exploring the possibilities of personal assistent robots

By Julie Sætersdal

This essay is about exploring the possibilities of personal assistent robots. By using theories about human-robot interaction, provocative prototyping, cybernetics and artificial intelligence this essay sheds light on some positive and negative aspects that comes with personal assistent robots, such as PeTeR.

By Emma Opheim Drageset

This essay addresses some of the technological challenges of developing an AI driven personal trainer robot, based on theories from the field of human intelligence and artificial intelligence. It takes on a discussion about whether it is possible to develop PeTeR based on today’s research of artificial intelligence and debates on which intelligent elements and human-robot interaction it might need.

How social, humanoid, intelligent and emotional aspects affect a personal trainer robot

By Anita Norheim

This essay discusses what it takes for a robot to be an assistant and interact with humans, in light of social, humanoid, intelligent and emotional aspects. Additionally, it sheds light on what features, appearance and functionality such a robot should have. The essay is written in Norwegian.

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