By Simon Iden, Hector Peña, Ida Ødegård and Martine Leine Rafteseth

QRevolution was developed in collaboration with Nagra and as part of the course «Bachelor's Thesis in Media and Interaction Design» in the spring of 2021, by Simon Iden, Hector Peña, Ida Ødegård and Martine Leine Rafteseth.

Imagine that you are watching your favorite reality show on TV, and at the end you are told that you can see more of the drama if you go to their website. Youpull up your phone, type in the long web address and end up on their frontpage. Where do you find that content? It is not on top of the page, so you start scrolling past articles and advertisements. Nearly at the bottom you finally find the video and watch it. When you are done, you realize that you have spent more time searching for it than watching it. The experience left you unhappy and unwilling to follow a similar reference in the future.

Easy access to information

Introducing QRevolution - an innovative concept that simplifies the consumer's path to extra content and products. It works by presenting a QR code on TV that the viewer scans to get directly to their desired content. QR codes are scannable barcodes that are easy to implement into broadcaster’s existing systems, and the technology provides them with the opportunity to track their viewer’s engagement.

The prototype displays a banner with a QR code on the show God Morgen Norge, which will be shown on screen for 60 seconds. The segment on air is Wenchewho is cooking a recipe. If the viewer decides to scan the QR code, they will be brought to a website that contains the recipe and its ingredients. At the bottom of the website, the viewer can choose to purchase the ingredients directly from Kolonial, an online grocery store.











You can read more about the development of QRevolution in the project report here!

  • Read more about «Bachelor's Thesis in Media and Interaction Design» and explore other prototypes from the course: https://teklab.uib.no/artikler/mix250/


Check out the prototype in the link below.

Prototype demo

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