Can AR prototypes be made GDPR compliant?

This spring, master students from Privacy and Data protection at the Faculty of Law (UiB) will analyse three augmented reality prototypes developed and designed by master students at Media- and Interaction Design (UiB).
Cody Gallo, Helene Høylandskjær and Julia Hellem Brandt presenting their prototypes.
Publisert: 24. januar 2023

Upcoming reports on GDRP compliance

This spring, Master students from the course Privacy and Data protection GDPR (JUS294-2A), supervised by associate professor Malgorzata Agnieszka Cyndecka at the Faculty of Law, are analysing three augmented reality prototypes. The prototypes are designed and developed by master students from the course MIX301 at Media- and Interaction Design at the University of Bergen.

This week, Lars Nyre, Professor at the Department of Information Science and Media Studies (UiB) visited the Faculty of Law together with master students Julia Hellem Brandt, Cody Gallo and Helene Høylandskjær to present the three prototypes.

Watch the live demo of PaintAR:

New year, new topic

Professor Lars Nyre and associate professor Malgorzata Agnieszka Cyndecka, supervisor for the course "Privacy and Data protection - GDPR" introducing the projects. Foto: Helene Høylandskjær.

The students from Media and Interaction Design have designed and developed three prototypes using AR and full body tracking technology as a part of MIX301, Media Technology: Theory and Development. This year, the topic of the course has been full-body interaction in augmented reality. The laws governing data protection is complex, and extremely relevant for aspiring developers and designers. However, when developing media and tech solutions, the issue of GDPR and privacy can often be forgotten along the process.

Last years topic, lifelogging, consisted of three GDPR analyses of new media solutions. Associate professor Malgorzata Agnieszka Cyndecka at the UiB Law Faculty is central to the exploration of privacy. For several years she has engaged her students in evaluations of privacy issues in media prototypes made by students in Media City Bergen. Read more about these evaluations here.


Three AR-prototypes

Here are the three prototypes that will be analysed in groups by the law students:

Director’s ViewAR - previsualization reimagined

Director’s ViewAR is a collaborative previsualization and decision-making tool for film production. It enables directors to create previsualizations for visual effect sequences live on location, using just their phone or tablet! This prototype was developed by the students Daniel Venge Bagge, Ruben Sander Eriksen, Cody Gallo and Sebastian Christopher Hörberg.

Check out their prototype HERE!


Charm - a magical AR experience

Charm is a magical AR experience - a portal into the magical world of wizards and creatures. In this AR game, players can explore magic in their own real world environment. The application enables players to cast spells, conjure or modify virtual objects by hand movements captured by the device camera. Solve tasks and challenges to strengthen your magic powers! This prototype was developed by Erling Qvale, Robin Bøe, Helene Høylandskjær and Henrik Singstad Nordberg.

Check out their prototype HERE!


PaintAR - painting in augmented reality

PaintAR is an application that encourages active art engagement, allowing you to paint in a 3D space. Your body is your virtual paintbrush, and the world is your canvas. PaintAR makes art engagement accessible, presenting a concept that gives you a fun and immersive experience! This prototype was developed by the students Julie Sofie Berntsen, Julia Hellem Brandt, Ruben Caldeira and Daniela Lipcika.

Check out their prototype HERE!



Stay tuned!

Publisert: 24. januar 2023
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