FutureFest with FutureShocks!

Watch the video from TekLabs Futurefest at the Normedia conference!
At the Scaryweather booth you could hear interesting sounds from time to time at Futurefest. (Photo: Nora Storebø & Lone Nyløkken)
Publisert: 23. november 2023

In August almost 400 media researchers came to Bergen to participate in the Nordmedia Conference and TekLab's Future Fest. We have captured some of the exciting moments so we can have something to look back on.

Relive the exciting day with us!

– This is nothing less than the largest demo event in the history of Media City Bergen, said professor Lars Nyre from the University of Bergen.

More news about FutureFest

Publisert: 23. november 2023
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