Introducing Vink! Bridging the gap between journalists and readers: a tool that collects all tips on one platform and makes communication with readers easy.
Publisert: 11. august 2022

Helene Høylandskjær from the Vink-team pitching their prototype at FutureWeek22. Video: Oliver Cameron.  

Let us introduce you to Vink!

Vink is the new tool for journalists that will change the way journalists communicate and connect with their readers! Working on a new case? Reach out to your audience by submitting queries and let the readers know exactly what kind of tips is wanted. Readers can easily submit tips, images and videos in the app. The submission will then appear in the journalists Vink-platform - where all leads and incoming information is gathered for easy access!

Vink was developed by Julie Sofie Berntsen, Julia Hellem Brandt, Helene Høylandskjær, Ellen Sofie Engen, Anine Hamre Jacobsen, Une Halvorsen and Christina Osborne. The project was developed in collaboration with Future Solutions as a part of the bachelor thesis course MIX250 in Media- and Interaction Design, spring of 2022 at the University of Bergen.

The Challenge

Readers that are paying for a newspaper subscription are more likely older adults, leaving a gap for young adults. Vink aims to bridge this gap and increase the value of newspapers by creating a collaborative local environment. Vink attract young readers by making it easier to tip newspapers. The idea is that youngsters submits tips about issues that are relevant for the younger demographic. This way, journalists can generate more engaging content.

Tipping made easy

The creators of Vink wanted to create an innovative solution that changes the everyday practice for newsrooms and journalists, and that benefits both readers and the news industry. Journalists can manage tips by gathering all incoming media, information, tips and communication on the Vink platform. Journalists can post queries about matters where they need informants or media, which will notify the users of the app. The Vink app is designed for the readers and is an important part of the solution not only because it gathers tips, but it also works as a communication tool that supports the collaboration between readers and the journalists. Users that submit tips will automatically be linked up to a journalist in a chat, which enables smooth communication for both parties!


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Publisert: 11. august 2022
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