Students of Volda University College create Innovative Web Documentaries

Throughout the whole semester, students of Volda University College produced digital stories in the form of Web Documentaries. With innovative techniques, they gathered illuminating narratives from all around the western part of Norway.
Vanylven Witch Trails group presenting. From left; Florian Dörr, Bart Vis, Leona Vyhnalkova and Emma Mastad. (Photo: Kjetil Vaage Øie)
Publisert: 27. januar 2023

Web Documentaries, also named interactive documentaries, are a form of digital storytelling that combine traditional written journalism with interactive elements such as videos, images and audio. These interactive elements allow the viewer to explore and engage with the content in a more immersive and personalized way.

“Interactivity and immersion increase reader engagement and concentration, while the variety of media options available to creators allows for countless storytelling possibilities. You are only limited by your own skill, but you can always learn more", says Leona Vyhnálková, one of the students who took the course.

The Witch Trials group receiving guidance from Audun Guldbransen

Guided by lectures on webdesign, AR/VR, and storytelling, the students all used different forms of media and interactive elements to create their documentary. From the captivating history about witches to an insight in Norway’s extensive fishing sector, all of them present their own unique narrative.

Trial and error

“I learned a lot about this format. The modernity, with its remixes of traditional media and visually engaging presentation, makes it a tempting and fresh way to tell stories”, concludes Leona. “Teacher feedback and guidance from Hidden and its team helped shape our project, particularly in the successful implementation of AR elements."

'The Bookman' group receiving guidance from Øyvind Steensen
'The Bookman' group receiving guidance from Øyvind Steensen

The Web Documentary course is available for both master and bachelor students, says Kjetil Vaage Øie, one of the lecturers: “Student evaluations from the course show great learning outcomes from working in interdisciplinary groups, even though some students initially struggled with losing control over their stories. The course aims to encourage students to try new ways of storytelling, as well as to learn from failure. And in the end, they made a product no-one believed they could create.”

Key Innovations

Another key innovation of Web Documentaries is the ability to provide a more interactive and non-linear viewing experience. Unlike traditional documentaries, which have a fixed linear narrative, web documentaries allow viewers to navigate and explore the content in a way that best suits their interests and needs.

Groups presenting their Web Documentaries

Web Documentaries can also be cutting edge in terms of distribution and accessibility. They can be accessed on a wide range of devices and platforms, including desktop and mobile devices, and can be easily shared and promoted via social media.




Web Documentaries - Fall 2022

Lom Stave Church – More than a vestige of the past: a crossroad between truth and legends
Stave churches are among the last standing witnesses of the Vikings' transition to Christianity. The Lom Stave Church holds countless mysteries, and ghosts of the past roam inside its walls.

Watching the rift
A mountain is threatening to let 54 million cubicmeters of rocks fall down in the Geirangerfjord. Take a look at one of the most monitored mountains in the world.

Vanylven Witch Trials
On a small island in Vanylven, three people ended their lives in 1679 and 1680. Anne, Marit and Ingebrigt were sentenced to death by fire and flame, for allegedly practicing witchcraft. These are their stories.

The Bookman
A documentary about a man and his books and the special place he created - the most unique bookstore you probably have ever seen. But most of all, this is a story about passion.

The wooden Legacy of Sunnmøre – The endeavours of three generations to keep a local tradition alive
Wooden boat building is a fading practice. We want to share this culture and history to the new generation. This web documentary shows this through the boat Skjerven, which is being used in education at Volda University College.

Cash on the Hook – Insights into one of Norway`s most Vital Economic Sectors
This Web Documentary covers the current issues in Norway's fishing sector. Learn about the current and future potential of fishing in Norway.

Around on Runde
Dramatic stone formations, harsh winds, and constant rains – this island is the home to an enormous number of seabirds. It is here they live in peace, surrounded by the vast ocean. However, their population is currently at risk.

Publisert: 27. januar 2023
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