NTB statistics tool

By Eivind Gisholt, Emilie Rødseth Øijorden, Helene Præsttun, Lene Undal and Marie Presthus

The NTB statistics tool was developed as part of the course «Bachelor's Thesis in Media and Interaction Design» in the spring of 2021, by Eivind Gisholt, Emilie Rødseth Øijorden, Helene Præsttun, Lene Undal and Marie Presthus.

Have you ever struggled with understanding statistics and data, or been frustrated about being presented irrelevant data that isn't based on your own needs? As an attempt to solve this issue for customers and employees at the company Norsk Telegrambyrå (NTB), The NTB statistics tool was developed. It offers a module-based design where users can add, remove and rearrange the statistics based on their own needs in a customizable dashboard.

The solution - NTB Statistics tool

According to NTB, the customers reported that they want to get more data insight about their press releases. As of today they have the opportunity to get some insight on NTB Kommunikasjon, but the challenge is that most of them don't really use this part of the platform at all as they prefer other services.

We decided to move the statistics to the front page of NTB Kommunikasjon, to make it more available to the customers. This gives users an overall view of statistics from their recent press releases, and they also have the opportunity to see statistics for every single press release.

Final prototype

The prototype has gone through several changes, and in the final version you can get a tutorial with an indicator of how many steps there are. You can add modules, find press releases for your own company easier, export data as well as information on how the press release has performed compared to previous releases.


  • You can read the project report here.
  • Read more about «Bachelor's Thesis in Media and Interaction Design» and explore other prototypes from the course [lenke til artikkel]

If you want to try the NTB Statistics tool for your self, click the link below to get to the prototype:

Prototype demo

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