The final bachelor projects: Media and Interaction Design class of 2022

In the final course MIX250 in Media and Interaction Design, the students have developed ambitious prototypes in collaboration with five Norwegian media companies: Future Solutions, Nagra Kudelski, NTB, Wolftech and Factiverse.
Bachelor students presenting their final projects at FutureWeek22. Photo: NCE.
Publisert: 11. august 2022

Teklab are proud to present this years bachelor projects: Checkmate for Nagra Kudelski, Vink for FutureSolutions, Byline for NTB, Wolftech Feeds for Wolftech and Microfacts for Factiverse.

Big challenges and big learning experiences

Five teams of students were assigned a company that challenged them with a task or an issue to solve with a prototype. The prototypes are a result of user-research and multiple iterative cycles of redesign and Design Sprints with prototyping and user testing. The students have solved these challenges with a user-centered approach, where the companies have continuously participated with insights and supported their creative process towards a final prototype.  The students were not only challenged by the companies, but also by the course structure. It is the students responsibility to organise and lead their projects in their own teams. This is not new for the students; they are used to the realistic approach to user-centered design projects in other MIX courses such as MIX203 and MIX202. This way, the students are working on real issues from real clients while gaining valuable learning experience.

Students from Media and Interaction Design at the Faculty of Social Sciences bachelor ceremony. Photo: University of Bergen.

The course leader Tien Dang Nguyen reflects on this years results: "This is the 4th year in a row that we apply Sprint in MIX250, and the first time after the pandemic. We have achieved wonderful projects and personal theses, both in terms of grades and feedback from companies. The first year we got only As and Bs as the final grades. This is also the best year that has had such a commitment from the companies. All in all, I am so happy with MIX250 2022 and I feel blessed to have worked with these talented students." 

Presenting at FutureWeek.22

This years bachelor course and semester ended on a high note, as students were given an opportunity to present their prototypes at Future Week 2022! Representatives from the companies that have been a part of these projects were present as jury members to decide this years winner of the MVP-Award. To top it all off, TekLab treated the students to dinner and drinks at Bien Centro to celebrate having finished their bachelor's degree and effort. All in all a great way to mark the end of three interesting, challenging, at times frustrating, but overall fun and memorable years together!  

Now, to the fun part! Listed below are all prototypes from this course. 

Explore the prototypes

  • Vink by Anine Hamre Jakobsen, Helene Høylandskjær, Christina Osborne, Julia Hellem Brandt, Ellen Sofie Engen, Julie Berntsen and Une Halvorsen.
  • Checkmate by Sigrid Bakås, Yara Marthinsen, Kristin Forsberg Dahle, Vendel Eikemo and Susanne Ryland.
  • Wolftech Feeds  by Emma Hjellestad, Erling Qvale, Marina Jensen, Markus Berg Hannevik and Yiwen Jiang
  • Byline by Even Berntsen, Olivia Louise Glittenberg, Trine Mjaatvedt, Henrik Samset, Birgitte Strand and Kamilla Wigestrand.
  • Microfacts Vegard Feste, Marie Søvik Bakkevold, John Le, Jonas Gripsrud Hjelmeland, Valerie Joanne Halvorsen and Sebastian Taylor.

Publisert: 11. august 2022
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