Consumers today unknowingly accept news, videos and other media that may not be true. How can we identify false information on digital platforms? Use the browser extension Checkmate! Checkmate was designed by Sigrid Bakås, Yara Marthinsen, Kristin Forsberg Dahle, Vendel Eikemo and Susanne Ryland in collaboration with Nagra Kudelski.
The prototype Checkmate designed and created by Sigrid Bakås, Yara Marthinsen, Kristin Forsberg Dahle, Vendel Eikemo and Susanne Ryland.
Publisert: 10. august 2022

The challenge from Nagra

Nagra Kudelski wanted the students to help the fight against fake news. Today many users unknowingly spread  fake news. It is difficult to detect illegitimate websites. The students wanted to see how they could help users discover fake information and news by developing a user friendly tool.

To further develop ideas and ideate, the students visited Nagra Kudelski in Oslo to run their Design Sprint. The students says that they had a great experience working with Nagra Kudelski this spring. The work lead to a prototype of the Chrome extension Checkmate.

The group was happy to tackle the challenge together with the Nagra team: "We have had a great collaboration with Nagra this spring. We ran interviews, surveys and Sprint-workshops to find a solution to the challenge".

The result: Checkmate!

Checkmate is a prototype made in collaboration with Nagra Kudelski, and is supposed to be a fact-checking program. The idea is that checkmate informs the users about false information by marking news articles, pictures and videos directly from the browser. Checkmate also provides trustworthy information about the false facts, and provides additional links to validated websites where correct information can be retrieved. A notification will remind the user if there is false information before they share an article or other media. The Checkmate-team believes that this will help fight the spreading of misleading information and false information.


  • You can read the project report HERE.


Publisert: 10. august 2022
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