The final bachelor projects from Media and Interaction Design (MIX) class of 2021

MIX-students have developed prototypes in collaboration with a variety of media companies, as part of their final bachelor projects.
The bachelor projects resulted in six innovative prototypes.
Publisert: 10. november 2021

As part of the final course in their bachelors degree in Media and Interaction Design, MIX250: Bachelor's Thesis in Media and Interaction Design, students get the opportunity to develop prototypes in collaboration with a selection of companies from the media industry. In the spring of 2021, students got to work with Bergen Offshore Wind, FutureSolutions, Nagra, NTB, QUEST, Scary Weather and Vimond.

Valuable and useful experiences

In teams of 4-5 people, students were assigned a company that gave them a problem or task to solve, where the solution is a prototype. Following an iterative and user-centered approach, each team have conducted research and field work, as well as facilitated two Design Sprints which includes both prototyping and user testing. Throughout the process, the companies have continuously participated in and guided the student teams in their creative process and development of a final prototype.

In the course, students are given a lot of freedom in regards to organizing and structuring their own work. For instance, they have been in charge of organizing and setting up their own Design Sprints adjusted to their projects, as well as they have been continuously communicating and scheduling meetings with their collaborating company. In this way, the students get a sense of how it is to work with a «real client».

Duc Tien Dang Nguyen has been the course leader in the spring semester of 2021, and he has this to say about course:

– MIX250v21 was a special course. Not only because all the activities were done via Zoom, but also because of a great mix of the best students (in the 3 years I have taught the course) and the companies and their fantastic projects. The quality of the thesis' and the projects were really impressive to both the companies and the examiners. So proud of them!

Explore the prototypes

  • WindFace
    by Bjørne Oma, Susanne Sundal Clausen, Anniken Bråthen and Emilie Munthe-Kaas in collaboration with Bergen Offshore Wind
  • NTB Statistics Tool
    by Eivind Gisholt, Emilie Rødseth Øijorden, Helene Præsttun, Lene Undal and Marie Presthus in collaboration with NTB
  • Spor
    by Emma Dina Eik Risan, Hanna Haug Flatebø, Victoria Westin and Willem Percyval Westli in collaboration with QUEST
  • QRevolution
    by Simon Iden, Hector Peña, Ida Ødegård and Martine Leine Rafteseth in collaboration with Nagra
  • Værkampen
    by Kristin Eidsheim, Tommy Kojen, Live Aadneram Enevoldsen and Camilla Elise Bakke Hermansen in collaboration with Scary Weather
  • Campfire
    by Andrea Angeltveit, Joachim Woll Eide, Marianne Lyssand and Paula Jee Ullaland in collaboration with Vimond

Publisert: 10. november 2021
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